Celebrity Skin Care Secrets And Models Skin Care Products That Will REALLY Surprise You

They have their little secrets for celebrity skin care, silky hair or a sexy mouth. Nathalie Portman, Rihanna or Bella Hadid are always sublime on the red carpet. We would sometimes like to poke their tips about skin care products that they used or their favorite skin care products … But who said that the stars did not use the same products as us ?

Here are 7 celebrity skin care and beauty secrets.

The silky hair of Rihanna

Rihanna IN Celebrity Skin Care Secrets And Products

Mane blue, pink, red, short or long, since the beginning of her career the singer has changed many times head. However, to allow it, one must know how to pamper one’s hair. Rihanna trusts her hairdresser Yusef Williams to take care of it. The latter has already revealed to the American site Refinery29 the precious secret of the beauty of Riri’s hair. The professional explained using Organic Root Stimulator’s Organic Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion which is among the best natural hair products. A product at a low price: only 3.26 dollars for a hair as silky as that of the star . Rihanna’s hairdresser also confided a second secret to her interview about natural hair products for curly hair : “An olive oil shampoo and conditioner is the key to a silky and healthy mane”. Thank you Yusef Williams, we take note !

The eyebrows of Cara Delevingne

IN Celebrity Skin Care Secrets And Products

The top was able to stand out thanks to her eyebrows provided, thus launching a real trend. Exit the fine version of the 2000s, it is the natural and thick eyebrows that are today in the spotlight. And to maintain her own, Cara Delevingne uses Rimmel Brow This Way eyebrow gel. Asked about her beauty routine by the site Reffinery29, she also said: “If I had to take a thing on a desert island it would be the Brow this Way because my eyebrows must remain impeccable.”

The glowing skin of Natalie Portman


It’s in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that the actress revealed her secret that can help to have perfect celebrity skin. A tip to apply just before slipping under the sheets. “I always cleans up before going to sleep, using the micellar cleansing water from Bioderma,” she said. An evening routine with the touch “frenchy” for Nathalie Portman, which uses one of the celebrity skin care products of the French brand.

Bella Hadid’s fresh skin

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets And Products

It’s one of the hottest models of the moment. Needless to say, Bella Hadid must have a flawless face in the limelight. Most often on the move for shoots and parades, the top told Glamor UK magazine that it was difficult to find a few minutes for her. But how does she then to have a so fresh skin?  finally she reveals one of her best skin care products.

her secret: masks for the face, and especially his darling, the Mask fresh jelly glow from Dior. “It’s my skin care product to perfect skin and keeping my makeup in place, which is the perfect care for a girls’ cocooning party,” added Bella.

The luscious mouth of Rosie Huntington

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets And Products

Who better than the supermodel Rosie Huntington to give us the secret of pretty lips? His mouth is surely a few envious. But Rosie is rather generous, she shared her beauty secret to Instyle magazine. And this is a brand that we all heard about which Rosie Huntington put, since it is Caudalie. His routine? “After the shower, I dab a towel on my lips to prevent them from drying out and then I apply the Caudalie lip care which is neither too bright nor too sticky”. No more excuses for not taking care of her lips!

The radiant skin of Emily Ratajkowski

Her Skin Care Products

No longer present, Emily Ratajkowski now has nearly 15 million fans on her Instagram account. Always sublime, the model unleashes the passions to each photo posted. It is therefore on the social network that her makeup artist Hung Vanngo unveiled one of the beauty tips of the pretty brunette and other celebrity skin care products. For a skin as bright as her, you need the Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Gel Enluminator. He added a hint of advice to his revelation: “Mix one or two drops of the illuminator with your sunscreen for the face or your classic day care. You crack?

The healthy skin of Elsa Hosk

Her Skin Care Secrets

She is one of the prestigious Victoria’s Secret angels. A native of Stockholm, Elsa Hosk left Sweden to move to New York, the city that never sleeps. A different life that made him discover the prejudices of pollution and the stress on her hair as well as her skin. To counter these negative effects, the top has chosen Biotherm oxygenating anti-pollution lotion. In addition to making the skin healthier, Elsa confirms that the skin care products “slides like silk” and that she “would plunge her whole body into it”. To shop urgently!