The Best Dry Skin Regimen : The Right Foods For Anti-Aging Skin

bet on The Dry Skin Regimen too When you have dry or very dry skin. hydration by applying a cream is not always enough,So what Is The Dry skin Regimen ?

Dry Skin : watch out for deficiencies

The skin is dry because it lacks fat, therefore fat. A deficiency of essential fatty acids indeed produces a lipid protective film of lower quality. As a result, water evaporates and drought sets in.

Dry Skin can be transient and accentuated by cold, wind or solar exposures. This is often the case in winter for some parts of the body such as hands, feet. Or permanent, because of an unbalanced diet, linked to age or to certain diseases such as diabetes.

Dry Skin: maintain the water balance

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Drinking a lot of water will not affect the condition of the skin. On the other hand, “as the body loses 42.81 Onces of water every day (urine, perspiration, etc.),” ​​says Dr. Serfaty-Lacrosnière, a nutritionist, “you have to compensate by drinking the same amount of liquid, or about one drink. water every hour because a good general hydration guarantees satisfactory skin hydration and for dry skin regimen.

In addition, by eating fruits and vegetables (naturally rich in water) with each meal, you effectively increase the level of hydration. “

Dry Skin: bet on the dry skin regimen (diet)

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A varied diet provides a sufficient lipid intake for good hydration. But sometimes, that is not enough, especially in winter, where the skin is put to the test. And often, in case of dieting because women reduce their fat intake. As a result, they often have dry skin.

But you have to eat fat: a little butter on sandwiches for breakfast and two tablespoons of oil with each meal (nuts and rapeseed for omega-3, olive and grape seeds for other fatty acids) . These two sources of lipids provide essential fatty acids, and vitamin E which promotes the hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis and plays an antioxidant role in fighting against free radicals.

And supplements, it’s useful for this dry skin regimen ?

“Yes, they improve the condition of very dry skin and limit feelings of discomfort and itching, says our specialist, Dr. Serfaty-Lacrosnière.It must do a cure of two months, and do not take other at the same time, they often contain borage and evening primrose oils, and almost all of them also combine vitamins C and E. “

Dry Skin: the Best Foods

We must focus on foods rich in essential fatty acids:
– The lipids present in butter and oils.
Omega-3s and omega-6s contained in fatty fish from cold seas such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring. Ideally, they should be placed on the menu two or three times a week.

The antioxidant fibers and molecules contained in fruits and vegetables, which must be honored at every meal. The first guarantee a good transit, so a pretty complexion. The seconds are antiradical and limit the aging of the cells.
Vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen fibers in the dermis, resulting in a more toned skin. It is found in citrus fruits of course, in kiwi, parsley …
Oilseeds must not be forgotten. A handful of almonds a day is a good asset to dry skin.
Zinc is an interesting nutrient (its deficit is reflected in an increased dryness of the skin). To eat by buying oysters, seafood and fish regularly.
Selenium, this trace element has an important antioxidant action for the epidermis. It is found in foods rich in protein (meat, fish, seafood …).

Small Gestures That Relieve

To relieve your dry skin, some actions can do good:

– Apply twice a day a sufficiently moisturizing cream (based on urea, ceramides, which are natural lipids of the body). On wet skin, for better penetration.

– Choose washing care that is not too detergent (dermatological breads or soaps surgras for example).

– Limit baths and hot water that destroy the protective hydrolipidic film.

– Avoid exposing yourself in case of extreme cold, intense wind or sun.

– Do not rub his skin to wipe it, it is best to dab it gently.