What Is Sadness And How To Deal With Feeling Sad ?

What Is Sadness ! Sadness Is Feeling desperate, discouraged, experiencing grief and a lethargic attitude and also crying But, do not panic, happiness is not far!

What Is Sadness ?

What Is Sadness

Sadness, a negative but necessary emotional state

Being sad is a condition that is obviously very unpleasant because it is very painful. It is therefore an emotion that we reject, and which is often badly perceived because it is associated with weakness. Yet it is useful to the human being; to know it one must understand the language of one’s emotions.

Indeed, sadness occurs in response to a lack, an unsatisfied need, a sudden upheaval or emotional loss. Its strength will depend on the importance the individual places on the source of this sadness. It allows us to measure what our needs and gaps are.

Thus, this emotion is a transition between the source of pain and the perspective of the future. It will serve as a pillar and stepping stone to move forward. Thanks to her, we can end a painful episode, mourn it and succeed in turning the page.

How To Deal With Feeling Sad ?

How To Deal With Feeling Sad

Everyone can someday be confronted, during his life, with experiences or difficult moments that will generate a feeling of sadness. In most cases, this feeling is healthy and it will disappear with time and acceptance. However, even though sadness is a normal emotion we all feel, there are certain things that can be done in everyday life that can help limit that feeling. For example :

  • have a healthy and balanced diet;
  • to treat the quality and quantity of his daily sleep;
  • exercise daily
  • take the time to relax and relax with recreational activities;
  • take the time to notice the good things in life and the small victories it offers
  • develop social life and human contacts;
  • share your feelings with someone who is interested – like a parent or close friend. Talking to a professional, such as a doctor or counselor can also help to analyze the origins of this feeling of sadness;
  • or be in contact with nature during walks in the forest, in a park or during hiking. These simple behaviors have been identified as beneficial to mental and physical health (the Japanese speak of Shinrin-Yoku, literally “forest bath”).