Weight Loss Programs : Can I Lose 30 Pounds In A Month ?

A month to really get Skinny And Fit ,This Weight Loss Programs gonna get the Job done. so let’s dive into this Safe Weight Loss Programs That Work.

We condemn the regimes, loudly proclaim that we must be as we are, but we know you, and we know that you still want to show you with pride in jersey this summer . So, ok, we give you a little help with this Weight Loss program to slim down before the Summer. But promise us to be wise so as not to take back the lost pounds later!

First effort Of Our Weight Loss Programs : control your energy intake

Yes, slim down by continuing to eat too much, no matter how and what, it does not exist!
So it will be necessary for This Weight loss Programs to watch your caloric intake (1,200 calories a day, instead of the 1800 to 2000 usually recommended), and on the other hand to really watch what you eat by paying attention to the nature of your dishes.
On the menu, a lot of protein (35% of the total daily intake) to preserve your muscles, few carbohydrates (35 to 40%, with foods with a low glycemic index, very important GI), lipids in moderate amounts (25 to 30%), and fiber to regulate appetite and limit fat storage.

First Step Of : Weight Loss Program
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The foods you allow yourself

Your daily food bowl must consist of 2 parts of each authorized category, with one measure of fat.
> 2 parts of protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, tofu)
> 2 parts of starchy foods with a low glycemic index. 1 part = 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 1/2 cup of not too soft chickpeas, 1 half cup of sweet potato, 1 half cup of pasta al dente
> 2 parts of fruits low in sugars. 1 part = 1 medium-sized raw fruit, ½ grapefruit, 1 cup red berries, 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 fresh pear.
> 2 to 3 parts vegetables. 1 part = ½ cup of cooked vegetables (green beans, zucchini, leeks), 1 cup of raw vegetables (raw carrots, green salad, fresh spinach, cucumber, avocado), 1 glass of vegetable juice

Foods to really avoid

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To eliminate excess fat at a regular rate (and relatively reasonable, which also ensures the durability of your effort), you must absolutely avoid certain foods in ordre to This Weight Loss Programs Work .
And if you do not want to regain the lost weight, we urge you to change your basic diet and consider these foods as rarely allowed gaps.
To slim down and stay slim, it is necessary not to do a drastic diet twice a year but rather to learn how to eat better.

That said, by the summer, to speed up the metabolism, skip the following foods:
– sugar, especially refined sugar and all that contains sugar, even very sweet fruits. It is for this reason that one must monitor the glycemic index of one’s food. If you really can not live without it in your coffee, take Stevia, a natural sweet IG sugar (which is not the case of agave).
– confectionery and desserts, so foods well loaded with sugar.
– pastries, cakes and cookies (do not you do a drawing huh?).
– ice cream and ice cream
– beer, white wine and cocktails
– cold cuts
– potatoes in all their forms (the GI of the potato is a disaster)
– hazelnut chocolate spread, if you know what I mean …
Overall, learn to choose between eating fat or eating sweet if you really need to make a difference.

Weight Loss Programs without sport doesn’t exist

To avoid the effect yoyo and push your body to draw on your reserves, you must indulge in physical activity. And taking out the trash or going down three floors each morning is not enough!
To ensure in his jersey, a diet can not suffice. It must necessarily involve a physical training, which accelerates weight loss and fat loss, and tones the problem areas (buttocks, stomach, thighs).

Your plan of attack:
During 4 weeks, you will alternate each day of the week (except Sunday: rest or stroll) effort cardio and targeted gym exercises.
> Monday, Wednesday, Friday: your choice, 30 to 45 minutes of cycling, brisk walking, jogging, swimming or indoor fitness to burn calories and mobilize fat reserves.
> Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 30 minutes of exos of targeted bodybuilding (abdominals + thighs + glutes), to obtain a firmer and more toned body and more harmonious forms.